Why this?

This blog is about my investment philosophy, my views on asset classes, and thoughts on the general direction of the markets and the economy. I’ve been following the global economy and stock markets for almost two decades and have been involved in managing family investments for a decade. Looking back at the history of central bank activity, it seems we live in unprecedented times. Zero and negative interest rate policies (ZIRP & NIRP) by the major central banks are┬ádistorting the value of assets to the point where responsible capital allocation is becoming increasingly hard to do and is being practiced ever more rarely by ever fewer people.

For a conservative investor whose primary objective is the predictability and safety of recurring cash flow, it sucks! As time goes by, i find it increasingly harder to allocate principal in a prudent manner as competition for assets increases. I have a feeling there are quite many people out there who are in the same conundrum as me.┬áHence – this!